Merry Christmas! It’s time to really indulge and enjoy this special time of year with family and friends.

All members of my family will be chipping in to fill the bellies on Christmas day. I’ve found a few recipes from some great Aussie chefs that I’m going to try. Here is what I’m bringing to the table:



Sarah Wilson’s Totally Gaudy Christmas Cheese Tree

I’ve made this before and it was a huge hit. It looks great, it tastes great and it was surprisingly easy to make too!


Donna Hay’s Roasted Turkey with Cranberry and Sage Stuffing

I’ve never roasted a full turkey before and I have to admit I’m a little nervous. Whilst it’s a Christmas classic, I’m worried it’s too labour intensive for my beachside plans…haha. I may end up rolling a turkey breast with the same stuffing.


 Curtis Stone’s Tropical Pavlova Wreath

I’m not a huge plum pudding fan. I think it’s simply too hot and rich for our Aussie summer climate. Instead, I prefer a cooler and lighter dessert with tropical seasonal fruit to finish. I might add some mint and strawberries too, to spice up the Christmas colours. Naughty and nice!

How does your family celebrate Christmas? Do you have any favourite meals and recipes? Share them below for us all to try!