Where are the workshops located? 

 I can run workshops anywhere in the Lower North Shore, Eastern Suburbs or CBD of Sydney. All you need is a large corporate space, a fitness room or gym area. I can also work outdoors assuming you have a large flat and level grass space or decking area. I can only work in a public area if you have the necessary permissions from your local Council.   

 Do participants need to bring any equipment?  

 I’ll be teaching participants ways to move and restore the body with little or no equipment so they can continue the journey at home. 

 However, each participant will need to bring their own mat or towel to lay on and a water bottle to stay hydrated.  

 What is the difficulty level of the workshop?  

 Most workshops are designed for the intermediate athlete. That is, they have average fitness, are healthy and regularly training but they aren’t necessarily professional or super competitive.   

Where are the sessions located?

We can work together from the privacy of your own home from the Lower North Shore or in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, or I also conduct sessions out of Elixr Health Clubs at Bondi Junction.

Do I need any equipment?

I’ll be teaching you ways to move and restore your body with little or no equipment so you can continue the journey at home. Any basic equipment that we do use (blocks/straps, bands, bolsters), I will provide for the session. I can also show you where to buy any equipment if you’d like to use them at home.

How do I pay?

I use the simple, easy and secure online PayPal system.

Please also refer to my terms and conditions page.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a session?

 Please refer to my terms and conditions page for complete details.

I’m recovering from a serious injury, would this session help me get back on my feet?

Yes. But I only work with clients who have full clearance from their doctor or physiotherapist to return to full training. 

I haven’t suffered an injury, but I’m in pain. Can you help?

Yes, but I need you to visit a doctor or physiotherapist first to rule out anything serious and get a diagnosis. Once you’ve been cleared of anything serious we can start improving any limitations you may have in your body.


I’m not sure what program is best for me? 

 1:1 in-person coaching is perfect for you if…  

  • You want to see improvements NOW
  • You’re relatively new to fitness and you want to learn how to move safely and efficiently
  • You’re recovering from injury and you want to get back to training and racing quickly
  • You need to work on your body awareness
  • You need hands on assistance with completing exercises (for example you have trouble with balance)
  • You need help with finding correct alignment
  • You’d like personalised attention 
  • You’d like to boost your personal and body confidence 
  • You live in the Lower North shore, Eastern Suburbs or Sydney CBD

 Group training in a workshop is perfect for you if… 

  • You a part of a sporting club or fitness group and you have a group of athletes with similar training goals
  • Your group would like a specific focus in your training session
  • Your group is looking for hands on assistance
  • You’re looking for an affordable way to get hands on attention and corrections 
  • You love working out with friends