A comprehensive guide for runners and athletes on how to improve flexibility and mobility and reduce muscles tension. Alignment tips, sports specific stretch routines and a step-by-step photo guide are all included. 

This 7-day meal plan is the perfect nutritional formula for post-training and recovery. It offers an easy approach to preparing meals that are packed with vitamins, minerals protein, good fats and antioxidants.

Learn all about the core and why building strength is essential for reducing pain, preventing injury and improving performance. PLUS 5 x 5-min core workouts you can try at home.

Designed to help you speed up your recovery time, this guide has the top ten tips used by pros to get back in the game. From epsom salt baths to foam rolling routines, this guide offers the inside scoop!

‘Eat & Run’ gives you my top 7 healthy trail running snacks and 2 easy-to-make recipes for my power protein balls and seeded trail bar.
Meditation is a kick-starter guide for those wanting to boost their mental fitness. You’ll learn simple techniques to reduce mental overwhelm, racing anxiety and to bring more stamina, clarity and focus.

Good sleep is essential for health, wellness and optimal mental and physical performance. Learn how to improve sleep quality with my expert tips and bedtime yoga guide.