We’re all leading incredibly busy lives these days. With family, friends and career, today’s modern life demands us to move quickly, keep up and get ahead. And then there’s the life of a modern day athlete, balancing the pressures of work and home life with the need to get stronger, go faster, further.

We all seem to be performing at hurricane speed yet we’re struggling to catch breath. Our nervous systems are wired and our bodies are rebelling. Over training, chronic stress and fatigue is bringing us down.

Most of us complain daily of feeling constantly tired, tight, sore and stressed, yet too few of us are taking the time out to refresh, restore and revitalise.

I know, because I’m often guilty of burning the candle at both ends as well. But continuing to push without stopping to take care of yourself is a recipe for disaster.

Here are my top ten ways to reduce stress, anxiety and reboot your system:

  1. Take a bath: Light some candles, pop on some music and a few drops of lavender oil in the tub
  2. Massage: Have someone iron out the creases in your muscles
  3. Take a plunge in the ocean: Salt water fixes everything
  4. Yoga: Especially yin yoga, a beautiful restorative practice
  5. Home cooking: Stay home and try a new healthy recipe, pump up the vitamins and minerals in your body
  6. Sleep: Go to bed EARLY and don’t set your alarm, just let your body wake when it’s rested.
  7. Brew a pot of your favourite herbal tea or drink a hot cup of bone broth
  8. Take a walk in nature: My favourite is a slow bush or beach walk. The fresh air will do you good.
  9. Curl up in front of an open fire with a good book. Resist the electronic gadgets.
  10. Take a mini-vacation: Escape your neighborhood for the weekend, head somewhere quiet and just rest.

Bonus tip 11: Meditate: Get quiet, breathe, listen to your body and respond to its needs.